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Rainbow Six Siege is going through a big change in regards to its Core Team. Creative Director Xavier Marquis, Brand Director Alexandre Remy and a few others are leaving the team at Ubisoft Montréal that works on Rainbow Six Siege and will be "pursuing other interests within Ubisoft," while a new group of veterans are coming in to assist the Core Team.

Marquis and Remy have been the face of Siege since its inception, and helped bring the initial vision to light, and turn the game into the phenomenal success it is today. Much of the game’s development team is unchanged, with game director Leroy Athanassoff continuing to lead their efforts. The veteran leads did not hint at what they’ve set their sights on next, but said that their presence on the team is no longer necessary for its success. In addition, Cheap R6 Credits is on hot sale at our website z2u.com.

Of course, developement of Rainbow Six Siege moving forward will be handed off to a newly composed team, as the game's creative director, Xavier Marquis, and brand director, Alexandre Remy, take a few hand-picked members of the current team with them to work on a new project. The announcement came by way of a new video from Ubisoft that details the decision and reassures fans that Siege is still a priority for the studio.

"We will start expanding the 'game universes,'" he said. "If you look at player experience, we need to stop thinking about exclusive features and start implementing inclusive features instead. What I mean is that we need to deliver content that will impact every player and the whole community." Specific changes and new features weren't mentioned, but generally it sounds like they're aiming for broader, more holistic updates. I'm a bit out of the loop these days, though I've been following the big updates, but at the four year mark a shake-up is probably a good thing.


8 Ball Pool Club is a very popular mobile game. This is a package of games featuring several variations of Pool, Billiards, Snooker, Crokinole and carom board games. No matter the image, or sound, will bring you the pleasure of feeling. They use blatant tactics to get you to lower the freezing table . there is no force behind the stick when breaking, so no ball go in the pocket, but the ball finally put to advantage from the opponent. If you are in need of Cheap 8BP Cash, come to z2u.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

Billiards 8 Ball Pool is deceptive defensive right to share, most of the players in the game just blindly attack, do not build defensive awareness, because the defense not as aggressive as the offense, so you will feel that the defense is discarded, but the defense is always the key to victory. Instead of waiting for the opponent's mistakes make, it is better to use the defense to make mistakes of others.

Half way between the bar and a full-sized table, 8-footer can resemble both ends of the spectrum. Both 8-ball and 9-ball can be very satisfying in an 8-foot table. This is really the best of both worlds. Starting today, 8 Ball Pool fans will be able to buy a special, exclusive WWE gesture at one of three levels, as well as six special gesture by WWE Superstars and Legends. The Beachball Cue comes in three flavors Standard, Advanced and Premium, each with a different design and Force, Aim, spin and statistics Time.

Feel the emotion of playing as a professional 8 ball shooter. Prepare to become the master cue. The pool is a beautiful game and diverse, so don. limit yourself to just one type. They practice game was very unfair. But they let you win here and there, just enough to keep you playing. But, when you decide to play a game with a higher ante, most likely you will lose. Anyone can join as long as there is an open slot, without the approval process. If a player was invited to the club, he could join as soon as he received the invitation, as long as there are open slots. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can Buy 8 Ball Pool Account from the reputable sellers z2u.com in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

So get ready to play 8 Ball Pool in New York this weekend. This is the only chance you to grab the big prize, plus Cue, Ring and achievement that goes with it. Best of luck out there on the table. We hope that this will significantly increase the level of skills required to do it, which means that it is more likely that both players will get a chance to win the game.


“8 Ball Pool” is an addictive pool app for iOS featuring colorful graphics and good multiplayer capability. Developed by Miniclip Games, which has made many famous online games such as “Agar.io” and “Gravity Guy 2”, this game lets you play with friends through a Miniclip account or Facebook. Furthermore,You can buy cheap 8 Ball Pool Cash at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

The game starts by signing in and creating an account playing as a Miniclip member, a Facebook user, or a guest member. Once you sign up, you can either play with friends or get matched up one-on-one with random players. There is a third option to play a tournament, in which you put in a certain amount of money and has a bigger prize pool, but your chances of winning are lower.

To play after the rack is broken by the cue ball, you simply adjust the angle of your pool stick with your finger. Two lines will then appear, one showing the trajectory of the ball you're aiming for, and the other the trajectory of your cue ball. Once everything is adjusted to your liking, pull back the power meter (initially situated on the left, but you can move it) to determine the strength of your strike. The farther down you pull and release, the harder you'll strike the cue ball.

To keep the game moving along, each player gets 30 seconds to set up and complete a shot. If you take longer than that, not only will you lose your turn, but your opponent can then move the cue ball to wherever he or she likes (known as "ball in hand"). To win, pot either all the solid or striped balls, and get the eight ball in last. If you want to buy 8 Ball Pool Account, we z2u.com can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

In addition, there is a tournament mode in the "special" mode, you can also practice offline and improve your skills. But before you can sink a few balls, you should, for example, register via Facebook. You can also play as a guest, but then not all functions are ready, the "pool clubs" are only accessible with one account.


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a group-focused MMORPG based on challenging gameplay and open world high fantasy. It takes place on a world populated by deities and heroes, called Terminus. Mortal and planar shards which have collided create the dramatic and epic environment of Terminus. With some of those shards came deities and demigods that, over time, raised empires which forged the turbulent political landscape. Centuries later, new planar collisions have occurred that will pull the players into the world and its politics. The player is a legendary hero, stripped of his or her powerful relics and left to explore the dramatically diverse and epic regions of Terminus with hopes of reclaiming their relics and those of lost heroes. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Gold at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

Pantheon’s combat places a focus on preparation and awareness of the enemy. The player can actively dodge, block, or deflect attacks. Spell and ability pre-selection is critical to defeat encounters, as is forging alliances with other players. You won't want to be caught in the wilds of Terminus alone, but exploration of the vast and dramatically diverse world landscapes will be richly rewarding. Through exploration the player can uncover mysteries and unique adventures as well as acquire rare and exotic spells and abilities from dungeons and challenging encounters. By the way, you can buy cheap Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Items from z2u.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an intensely social game for the determined thrill-seeker, because we believe that the greatest sense of accomplishment comes when it is shared. Imagine a vast, detailed world of swords and sorcery, of dragons and knights, of fiery swords and chests overflowing with treasure. A world in which a myriad of sentient races and creatures live and affect change. If you want to buy Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Boosting, we z2u.com can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Visionary Realms is bringing back some of the elements of classic MMORPG play in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, like social experiences and group-centric combat. Combined with a perception system that replaces the "in your face" exclamation points and pop-up boxes that are part of the more modern MMO and a heavy focus on exploration and discovery, Pantheon may have roots in the past, but it's looking toward what Visionary Realms thinks is the future of MMORPGs. Moreover, z2u.com provides Cheap Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Accounts for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.


FIFA Mobile has usually played second fiddle to its 'full-size' counterparts. That gap just closed a bit, however. EA has updated FIFA Mobile on Android and iOS for the new season, and it includes some much-needed improvements. There's a full gameplay engine revamp that promises more fluid animation as well as smarter, more realistic AI. You can also expect more authentic-looking star players (like Neymar above) and reworked menus. And yes, there are some significant gameplay changes.

You now have real-time Head to Head multiplayer, for instance, although you may square off against an AI early on to improve your skills. Offline, there's a new Team Chemistry system that boosts your starting lineup when you include players from the same real-world team, league or country. Pick a few players from Paris Saint-Germain and they may play more effectively than if you simply cherry-picked famous names from around the world. Buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins via reputable seller z2u.com, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Further, there are improvements on the part of celebrations as well. The company says that between dabs, backflips, and other moves, goal celebrations throughout the gameplay are authentic. Detailing is also there when it comes to visuals, such as the dresses and boots of the players. Moreover, off the pitch scenes, menus, and player items have been redesigned from the scratch to make FIFA Mobile an interesting game for the existing FIFA fans.

Electronic Arts has taken its greed to an entirely new level with the likes of FIFA Mobile. If anything, a game that wipes out almost the entirety of your progress every year, even if you've paid for a lot of it, is EA's wet dream. I bet the company would love to bring a system like this over to its AAA sports releases, not that those titles aren't already pushing a very anti-consumer design. I can sympathize that there are few quality soccer options out there thanks to greedy licensing agreements, but I have to wonder if FIFA Mobile is worth playing when such an abusive system is leveraged against the player base, all just to make a few more bucks.


Call of Duty: Mobile recently released Season 6 with a new update. This new update brings a lot of new things and new season is called Once Upon a Time in Rust. This new update brings new maps, new modes, fighting passed, the new system events and other things. And a new addition this time is the Gold Rush event, which is now live in the game.

In a post on Call of Duty: Mobile Reddit account, the Gold Rush began on May 8 and will be available through May 21 event is only available in Kill Confirmed game mode and Battle Royale. This event is based on a western theme with the new season entitled, Once Upon a Time in Rust. The latest season brought a lot of new additions to the game, one of which is the Gold Rush event.

Events Gold Rush allows players to exchange their gold and get a unique gift in return. The Gold Rush can be found in the Events section of the main menu. In Battle Royale mode, players can earn gold by finding and destroying the barrels containing the treasure map that leads to gold. If you want to know where to Buy Call of Duty Mobile CP Points, z2u.com will be your best choice.

Along with the Gold Rush event details, the developers also shared roadmap for Season 6 and some new additions that will come into play. Some of these updates have been available while some are yet to come. In particular, some of these tentative dates.

Last month, Call of Duty: Mobile has announced that the game will soon get a map of 'Rust' which was brought back from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Map will have a large central tower overlooking the field pipe, fuel, shipping containers and features other industries.



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